IDPS 2022 Concludes

The three day summit IDPS 2022, the flagship program of FDPPI concluded yesterday. A detailed report on the summit is available here.

One of the major outcomes of the seminar is the thrust given to advocacy of Neuro Rights Legislation in India. For this purpose a division of FDPPI will work exclusively.

A report on some of the major suggestions that have come up during the seminar which are relevant to the new Data Protection Act being drafted by the Government of India will also be sent in a few days.

FDPPI thanks all those who have directly and indirectly contributed to the successful conduct of the seminar.

The videos of the seminar will be available through the platform itself ( for some more time and thereafter it would be made available at the FDPPI repository.

Interested persons are requested to view the videos on the platform during the next week and submit their feedback to help us improve it in the coming years.




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The Seven Panel Discussions of IDPS 2022

The program content of IDPS 2022 is built around 7 Panel Discussions  in which several experts would be sharing their views on relevant topics.

The first panel on 11th November 2022 at 4.15 pm would discuss “Changing Profile of Data Protection Laws outside India”.

The second panel discussion will be on November 12, at 3.15 pm and will discuss “Privacy in Corporate DNA”.

The third panel will be on November 12, at 5.15 pm and will discuss Cross Border Transfer of Personal Data.

The fourth panel will be on the topic of “Emerging Technologies and Challenges” on November 12, at 7.00 pm.

The fifth panel discussion will be held on 13th November 2022 at 3.15 pm on the topic “Data Monetization and Emergence of Neo Assets”.

The sixth panel discussion will be held on November 13 at 5.15 pm on the topic of “Data Audit Frameworks Existing and Emerging”

The Seventh panel discussion will be held on November 13 at 6.30 pm and will be held at 6.30 pm.

The seven panel discussions will along with the 9 Key Note addresses and the addresses during the Inaugural and Valedictory sessions to bring in a wholesome knowledge package to the audience.

Additionally some exclusively prepared Pre-Recorded panel discussions will also be available at the “Repositories Section” of the event. One such panel discussion would be discussing the Privacy and Data Protection in the Banking industry in India.

More Pre-Recorded panel discussions will be added before the event to further enhance the content  package.


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IDPS 2022 Program Schedule



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Battery of Speakers to share their views in IDPS 2022

Indian Data Protection Summit 2022 (IDPS 2022) is a virtual conference taking place on November 11,12 and 13, 2022.

We are happy to share the list of speakers as given below and look forward to an intense debate for 3 days on different facets of Privacy and Data Protection focussing on the theme “The shape of Things to Come”.

No Name Designation
1 Rakesh Maheshwari Senior Director


2 Vinayak Godse CEO-DSCI
3 Nanda Mohan Shenoy Director, Bestfit Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
4 Aparna Pathak Global Privacy Specialist, TCS
5 Andrea Tiedemann H R Director EMEA/Managing Director, Hanover
6 Shirin Huber Director, Data Privacy, UPS, Germany
7 Srinivas Poosarla Senior Vice President, Chief Privacy officer, & DPO (Worldwide), Infosys
8 Manish Sehgal Partner, Deloitte
9 Dr Pavan Duggal Advocate ,Chairman, Intl Commission on Cyber Security Law;
10 Rajesh Viswanathan Senior Group Manager, Privacy and Data Protection, Infosys
11 Ganapathy Subramaniam Information Security Director ..UPS
12 Srividya Samu Head – Service Delivery & Program Manager -Robotic Process Automation(RPA) Aditya Birla Group HR Shared Service Centre
13 Mathew Dalby Data Compliance Director, BT,, London
14 Monica Adya Dean. Rutgers School of Business, USA
15 Vinay Krishna Technocrat, LedgerFi IT solutions
16 Eleanor Dowsette Data Protection Officer, Best Companies, UK
17 Dr Prashant Mali Advocate  and Cyber Law Expert
18 Dr Srinivas Yanamandra Group Head, Regulatory Affairs and Policy


19 Vittal Raj Founding Partner, Kumar & Raj
20 Radha Raman Hariharan Founder, Maruti Quality Management Services Pvt Ltd
21 Dave Morrris  BT
22 Manoj Kern CIO/CISO, Prudent Brokers, India
23 Naavi Chairman FDPPI
24 Vamsikrishna Maramgatti Founder CEO QRC Assurance and Solutions Pvt Ltd
25 Alok Arora General Manager
Seamex, BMCSPl, Aditya Birla
26 Ramesh Venkataraman  Carl Zeiss


27 Nagendra Javagal TechM
28 Rajeev Seoni Director at Digital Futurists Angels, Former CIO
29 Meena Lekhi Concentrix,

Director (Global Privacy), Privacy Counsel UK

30 Paula Gearin Concentrix,

Senior Director


31 Dr Anantprabhu Director

Sure pass  Academy

32 Alok Arora Aditya Birla
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IDPS 2022 is a Community event… You can express your expert views..

FDPPI is an organization of the data protection professionals and by the data protection professionals. The organization is supported by the aggregation of activities of its members.  For practical reasons some members are designated as “Supporting Members” so that they act as divisions of FDPPI for generation of revenue through their activities. But all other members are like flesh and blood of the organization. If they are active, FDPPI is active.

This concept extends to the conduct of IDPS 2022 the flagship event of FDPPI. We would like to make this event the flagship event of the Data Protection Community in India of which FDPPI is a part.

The event is being conducted as a 3 day virtual event between 11th, 12th and 13th November 2022 between 2.00 pm and 8.00 pm (IST) or 8.30 am GMT to 2.30 pm GMT.

During this time and day, the event would be live. During these 18 hours we can accommodate perhaps 6-8 keynotes and another 6-8 panel discussions.  This  means that we can listen to around 30 -35 speakers and share their thoughts with the audience.

The canvas of discussion is “Privacy and Data Protection” and the theme is “Shape of Things to Come”. We therefore need to discuss the current laws in India and elsewhere, the technology of protecting Privacy and data, the Governance of Data for protection and monetization and many other related issues.

We are fully aware that the number of available speakers and the amount of knowledge they can contribute are much more than what we can present in 3 days. We cannot accommodate them all despite our best intentions.

We are also aware that this is a dilemma that is faced by every organizer of such programs world over. There are too many deserving speakers who ought to be heard. But either the organizers cannot reach out to them or the speakers are not available at the required time and place for the event. This often results in losing an opportunity to hear the experts and some times disappointing speakers who are eager to share their knowledge.

FDPPI therefore has opened it’s doors for speaking opportunities during the IDPS 2022 to the community so that IDPS 2022 is to be an event of the Data Protection Professionals by the data protection professionals and for the data protection professionals.

We therefore invite data protection professionals who would like to contribute their thoughts to the “Shape of things to come” in the domain of Privacy and Data Protection in the IDPS 2022 to send us recorded video clips preferably of less than 5 minutes. These recorded videos would be broadcast on the IDPS 2022 platform during the time 6.00 am (IST) to 12.00 noon (IST). This will ensure that the content would be available for the US-Australia time zone as an extension of the live sessions which are more suitable for the India-Gulf-EU time zones.

The video may be kindly recorded if possible with the background setting of the image provided above. Naavi would be available for checking the topic of discussion as well as for a participative recording of the views as a conversation if it is preferred.

The end objective of this exercise is to ensure that IDPS 2022 becomes an event of the community of data protection professionals.

We hope that we will also be able to show case the professionals who would otherwise miss participation in the event. For the upcoming speakers this is an opportunity to be present on this platform.

I request all professionals to make this concept a success.


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What Experts Say

FDPPI invites experts to express their views on Privacy and Data Protection which they would like to express in an event like IDPS2022. Contributions in text or video messages may be sent by email:

Your views may be on IDPS 2022, FDPPI, Some issue on Privacy, any of the data protection laws such as GDPR, CCPA, ITA 2000 , PDPB 2019 or the proposed law or any other matter of relevance to the professionals working in the domain of Privacy and Data Protection.

Our intention is to collect the views of experts and publish it here and again during the IDPS 2022. We are aware that we cannot bring all global experts on IDPS 2022 platform. We may not even be able to identify all those of you who can contribute to the event. Hence we are creating an open platform here to collate the professional views on Privacy and Data Protection, part of which may be shared with the participants of IDPS 2022 as pre-recorded content.

In case you are sending any videos, kindly make it short and not exceeding 5 minutes. If you want to contribute pre-recorded content as a “Speaker” in the IDPS 2022, you can send a request and contribute videos of longer duration not exceeding 20 minutes.

We shall try to post here some of the topics or questions on which experts may provide their views. Watch this space.


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QRC to Sponsor IDPS 2022

QRC Assurance and Solutions Pvt, Ltd, Mumbai, established in 2016 by Mr Vamsi Krishna Maramganti and working in the areas of Cyber Security across the globe would be the main sponsor for IDPS 2022.

FDPPI thanks QRC and invites other interested organisations to join this unique event as sponsors. Contact Naavi for more information.


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Welcome to the Home of IDPS 2022

IDPS 2022 is the third version of the Indian Data Protection Summit being conducted as an annual event of Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI).

IDPS 2022 is scheduled as a Virtual Conference to be  held on November 11,12 and 13, 2022.

Link to the previous version of IDPS is available through the  Menu.

Currently the program details, Speaker Details and Sponsorship Opportunities are being worked out.

The theme of the Conference would be “The Shape of Things To come” and will focus on the new Data Protection Laws that could come in India.

In case a draft for public comments is available before the conference, there will be a master class on the draft on 11th November 2022.

We are expecting a few International speakers and will also discuss GDPR and related issues.

The Government of India is hinting at amending the ITA 2000 also to some extent and also introducing a Data Governance Act. These will also be part of the discussions.

Watch out for more information here.

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