FDPPI would be honouring professionals working in the area of Privacy and Data Protection by recognizing them during the IDPS 2022 with the following types of awards.

Privacy Knight is an award that would be provided to an individual in India for his contributions towards Privacy and Data Protection.

The individual could be an employee, consultant, auditor or an educator.

Privacy Crusaders is an award given to a team for their co-ordinated contribution towards Privacy and Data Protection in India.

The team is lead by the leader who designates his team members who could consist of the members from the DPO, IT, IS,HR and Legal divisions in an organization.

Privacy Champion is an award given to an organization team for their  contribution towards Privacy and Data Protection in India.

The organization could be in IT or Non IT domain, an SME/MSME or a large or MNC entity and operating in India.

The nominations can be sent by completing the form below and can be submitted either by the nominee himself or anybody else.

An Award Applications scrutiny team from FDPPI will collate the nominations and present the information to a jury team and final decision would be taken.

There will be one award in each category with an additional award in the Privacy Knight category to one FDPPI member.

Awards would be announced on 11th November 2022 during the IDPS 2022 event.

Nominations may be sent here

Last date for submission of nominations is October 15, 2022

P.S: Kindly note that nomination form contains information which may be construed as “Personal” and submission of the form is considered to be also a consent for collection and processing of the information. 

While submitting the nomination for others, the person submitting the nomination shall be required to kindly obtain the consent of the nominee for providing whatever information is being provided.

The information collected would be used for the purpose related to the awards and any communication related to it including the information about the event IDPS 2022.

The entire activity related to the award is a professional activity and hence the information sought, provided, collected and processed is in the nature of “Business Contact Information”