Expert’s Views

We invite experts to contribute text or video messages by email  if you have a view on Privacy and Data Protection.

Your views can be on IDPS 2022, FDPPI, Some issue on Privacy, any of the data protection laws such as GDPR, CCPA, ITA 2000 , PDPB 2019 or the proposed law or any other matter of relevance to the professionals working in the domain of Privacy and Data Protection.

Please also indicate in your e-mail in case you want the message to be considered as “Confidential” and not to be published.

Our intention is to collect the views of experts and publish it here and again during the IDPS 2022. We are aware that we cannot bring all global experts on IDPS 2022 platform. We may not even be able to identify all those of you who can contribute to the event. Hence we are creating an open platform here to collate the professional views on Privacy and Data Protection, part of which may be shared with the participants of IDPS 2022 as pre-recorded content.

In case you are sending any videos, kindly make it short and not exceeding 5 minutes. If you want to contribute pre-recorded content as a “Speaker” in the IDPS 2022, you can send a request and contribute videos of longer duration not exceeding 20 minutes.