This website has been created by FDPPI, Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI).FDPPI is a Section 8 company registered in India (Not for profit organization) and is committed to the development of Privacy and Data Protection in India. The main website of website can be found at

FDPPI conducts an annual event under the name Indian Data Protection Summit (IDPS). The two earlier versions of the event were IDPS 2020, IDPS 2021 and now the third year event namely IDPS 2022 has been planned. This website is created to provide information for the public on the event.

If you are visiting this website,  except for the technical information collected by the hosting server, FDPPI is not collecting any personal information.

In case the visitor registers for attending the program, he would be using the necessary web-form which may be hosted in another service provider and the information would be used for communicating information about the event. One ancillary purpose for which the e-mail contact may be used is when a similar event is conducted next year we may use the e-mail ID to send one communication to inform about the event before we obtain further permission to proceed.

We consider that the objective of the event is to enhance the professional capability of individuals and hence the purpose of any communication related to the event is to enhance the professional capability of an individual.

In case there are any apprehensions about the privacy of the information, you may kindly raise your concerns by email 

Privacy Policy Applicable to Registrants to Seminar

Those who register to attend the Seminars of FDPPI including the IDPS 2022 are opting in with the information as per the form for the benefit of attending the seminar.

The registration form collects the name and e-mail address of the registrants which are necessary for the attendance. We also collect  information on location and gender of the registrant that provides us the information on what type of content  may be of interest to them.

As a one time measure, we have sent the invitation for IDPS 2022 to all those who registered for IDPS 2021 since they are considered as interested in this seminar.

We collect detailed professional information about the speakers which is deemed as “Business Contact Information” and dealt with accordingly.

Those who attend the sessions on the IDPS 2022 platform may provide additional information about themselves at the Virtual Booths or Virtual Meetings or on Chat boxes. The information so provided is considered as voluntarily provided and used for the purpose for which they might have been provided such as seeking more information.

The information collected is dealt with with reasonable care to prevent their misuse and are accessed only by those who are responsible for the conduct of the event which includes the platform service provider.

We intend keeping the information on a roll over basis for a period upto the next IDPS unless it is otherwise required for any specific reason.

FDPPI recognizes Information Technology Act 2000 of India as the operative data protection law of India and makes necessary efforts to be in compliant with the provisions of this law.

FDPPI does not recognize foreign legal jurisdiction for the data protection laws of countries outside  India.

FDPPI is a company registered and operating under the laws of India and does not recognize the jurisdiction of any law other than the laws enacted by the sovereign Indian Government.

All disputes that may be raised on FDPPI shall be only through Mediation and Arbitration as per laws applicable in India and on the ODR platform, on

Such disputes may be referred to Naavi by email .